Our aim is to work closely with our members to help them make smart decisions that create the best outcomes.

Our Values

Liam started Making-Cents because he believes financial advice should be better than what it is.

The basic rules for how people should manage their money has been fixed and in place for years, even decades. The banking and financial services sector is built around long-standing beliefs and here’s the thing – they may work for the banks but they don’t work for people!

Financial institutions don’t understand or can’t think about what motivates people anymore and rather than change a system that clearly doesn’t work or is what people want, they alter it, thinking people will use it.

Our Culture

Everything we do is driven by planning for our members financial security and well-being and our unwavering commitment to this goal is at the center of our culture.

This is very important to us and forms the basis of everything we do.

Our altruistic mission is very simple – we want to give people advice and information that will allow them live better lives.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is a very simple one - we believe people need help making smart financial decisions, no sales pitches, no gimmicks and no third-party conflicts.

We identify what financial issues/choices you have to make and recommend direction on these. We endeavour to show you how to make more money, how to protect your money, how to make your assets work harder for you, but most of all planning for your financial security and wellbeing.

We always tell our members to maintain a long-term focus with their plan. Do not expect or anticipate every curve on the road, but be prepared to adjust your plan when necessary. Your financial plan is not a single event but a journey that may cover ten, fifteen or twenty years.